A Flatpack History of Sweden

57. Here We War Again

May 1, 2022

Novgorod and Sweden have been involved in on and off conflict for a couple of centuries as we reach the end of the 1340s. Things go into overdrive at the end of the decade, as King Magnus of Sweden heads east, determined to convert the Novgorodians to his version of Christianity and take control over vital trade routes. Battles centre around the Orekhov/Nöteborg castle and things get so bad for Novgorod, they need to call on their Archbishop for help! Back home in Sweden, Magnus decides it is about time that there should be just one legal system for the entire country and embarks on an ambitious project of law reform!

We also ask for help in this episode, welcoming the excellent Bry from Pontifacts to read out a long quote for us. Check out Pontifacts wherever you get your podcasts, and follow them on Twitter for some Pope related fun: www.twitter.com/pontifactspod



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