A Flatpack History of Sweden

59. 1361 and the Battle of Visby

May 29, 2022

This is an extra special episode for two reasons! For the first time we have enough information to spend a whole episode focusing on just one battle, the Battle of Visby in 1361, and it is also our first ever interview episode. 

We speak to Thomas Neijman, PhD candidate in History at Stockholm University, an expert on the Battle of Visby and its modern day perceptions. In addition to his studies, Thomas is also a Swedish military officer, curator of the Swedish History Museum's exhibit on the battle and a re-enactor, making him the perfect person to explain the events of this tumultuous year and guide us through the exhibit itself. 

Listen as Chris interviews Thomas at the Swedish History Museum and hear them walk through the exhibit and look at some of the remains on display that Thomas helped to curate. 


If you want to read more about the exhibit and the museum itself, you can find that information here: https://historiska.se/utstallningar/medieval-massacre/ 

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